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Kingsbrompton / Brompton Regis


John Gould left North Molton and moved across Exmoor to take up residence in Kingsbrompton, Somerset, between 1871 and 1876. Further research will provide a more accurate date and perhaps a reason for the move.

John is first visible in Kingsbrompton when at 24, he married 19 year old Harriet Sydenham. The marriage took place at The Blessed Virgin Mary church Kingsbrompton on 14 February 1876, Valentines day.

Sydenham is a well known Kingsbrompton name. Research has already identified the grand parents and perhaps gt grand parents of Harriet, details of which will be published on the non-Gould pages of this website. Unusually, parish records occasionally recorded Harriet as Jane Gould. Further information concerning Jane / Harriet can be found on the Harriet persons page.

The marriage certificate records that Harriet's father was working as a mason and John working as a labourer. Perhaps John met Harriet through working with her father, John having previously worked as a masons labourer.

Approximately 8 ½ months after their marriage, Harriet gave birth to their first child. Rosa Maria was born in Kingsbrompton on 02 October 1876. Baptism records identify John as a labourer living in 'Rock Town', Kingsbrompton.

A further child, Ernest William Gould followed on 25 October 1878. The family were still living in Kingsbrompton and the birth certificate reveals John's occupation as labourer. Baptism records identify their address as 'Upper Town', Kingsbrompton.

At the age of 29, John became a father again with the birth of George Henry Gould on 24 February 1881. Baptism entries identify John as a miner and labourer living at 'Upper Town', Kingsbrompton.

The April 03 1881 census reveals John, Harriet, Ernest William and George Henry as living at 'New House' Brompton Regis (previously known as Kingsbrompton). John's occupation is shown as that of iron ore miner. The house is shared with Thomas, Mary and Elizabeth Forgan and boarder Henry Tackle.

Four year old Rosa was not with the family on census night but staying with her grandparents Maria and William Sydenham at 'Upper Town', Brompton Regis. Being the oldest child, perhaps Rosa was away from home to allow John and Harriet to look after two year old Ernest William and one month old George Henry.

On 13 February 1884, still living in Brompton Regis, John and Harriet became parents again with the birth of Lillian. The birth was registered on 19 March 1884 by Harriet and records John as a 32 year old labourer.

Lillian was christened at the Blessed Virgin Mary church, Brompton Regis on 13 April 1884. The church christening records identify the family as living in 'Upper Town'. John's occupation is recorded as miner and labourer.

The Children of John and Harriet were all educated from a young age. All of the children were less than four when they first attended school Kingsbrompton National School, with Rosa starting at 2 years and 8 months.

For reasons that will probably remain unknown, Ernest William and George Henry were withdrawn from school on 15 May 1885 returning on 19 November 1885. At the age of four and six, they would have been considered very young to be used for work and perhaps their removal has some connection with the death of John's mother Susan in North Molton earlier in the year.

Schooling at this time was compulsory but not free. The cost of not attending (fine) was often greater than the weekly school fee.

Louisa Jane Gould, the fifth child of John and Harriet was born on 12 May 1886 in Brompton Regis. Louisa was also baptised at the parish church; the baptism record dated 14 July 1886, shows that John was working as a mason and labourer and the family were living at 'Upper Town'.

John and the family moved to Pontypridd, South Wales during the weekend of Friday 07 October 1887 to Monday 10 October 1887.

The dating is so precise as school records identify Lilian was withdrawn from school in Brompton Regis on the Friday and all of the children other than Rosa were enrolled in their new school in Pontypridd on the following Monday.

Rosa remained at school in Kingsbrompton until 18 January 1889, perhaps living with her grand parents.

An extract from the Kingsbrompton school admission register is available, covering the period 1881-1883.